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Poetry: Not Normal Normal

We speak of a new normal  When normal is not what is coming.  A slow release of public appearance  Timidly, haltingly, carefully. We wait for life to resume  Thinking that it’s on pause -  Instead, we should hit the reset button.  Readjust our lives  So we’re ready for the sharp corner  Into the…


The Arctic Cavern

Thali, Ten Years Old The Arctic Cavern “Mama, why is it soooo cold here?” Thali wrapped her wool scarf around her face. “Because a great giant once blew its last breath here.” Her mother replied. Thali rolled her eyes. Even as a ten year old, she didn’t believe her mother’s ridiculous stories. Giants…


The Fish in the Sky

It rained all night and all day. Fat drops inundated the deck, making it impossible to see beyond your own face. The storm made them all grateful to be in the middle of the ocean, away from anything they could run into. Below deck, everyone was nervous. Thali’s strictness in deck duties paid…